Kentucky at LSU Preview

I’ll be honest. About the only thing that could make the game Saturday enjoyable would be denim uniforms. This should be a bloodbath no matter what Cal says. Calipari thinks that we need a loss to make us tougher but I think a loss at LSU would do more harm than good. Lets enjoy this number one ranking for a while before we start worrying about how tough we are. The great basketball minds around the country think that we are the best team in the land. Let’s not disappoint by losing to the Bayou Bengals.

 I am looking forward to Darius Miller stepping up for another game and getting a double-double. I’d say thirteen points and eleven rebounds. Right now is his best opportunity to show NBA scouts that he would be a great role player in the league.

I am also looking for MKG to step it up and play like we all know he can. Stay tuned to Books and UK Basketball for more Wildcat news and completely amateur opinions.


About Marshall Franklin

I am a native of beautiful Kentucky, an avid reader, and an amateur writer.
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