Two a Days

Ok, So I was just going to do one post today. I was going to review a book and be done with it. The game Saturday changed my mind in a big way. In case you missed it, I will recap.

Tip Off- controlled by Anthony Davis

First half- Anthony Davis is killed every time he thinks about touching the ball. Les Miles is somewhere in the crowd laughing at his great game plan for the Tigers.

Also First Half- Terrance Jones is becoming superman on the hardwood with amazing dunks, and an outside game to be reckoned with. His hustle and defense are also picking up.

Second Half- More of what happened in the first half. The foul on Anthony Davis by Malcolm White made me jump up in my house and yell “Kill Him” before I even knew what had left my mouth. Have you ever seen that Direct TV commercial where the little girl is copying her dad getting mad? If not here is the link.


So yeah, I’m a little worried.

Moving on,  It was an overall good game with plenty to be happy about. I found myself smiling ear to ear at this teams togetherness and toughness. There are plenty more ness’es that I could mention but those two sum up what I want to say. Stay tuned for more Wildcat news and completely amateur opinions.


About Marshall Franklin

I am a native of beautiful Kentucky, an avid reader, and an amateur writer.
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