Cat Facts – 2/2/12

Rex Chapman made over 40% of his three pointers and became one of the all time great shooters in UK history. How many points did graduate with?

A. 2,113

B. 1,073   If you picked B then you are correct.

C. 1,205

D. 973

The answer will be posted later. check back to find out if you were right.


About Marshall Franklin

I am a native of beautiful Kentucky, an avid reader, and an amateur writer.
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3 Responses to Cat Facts – 2/2/12

  1. josephjerome says:

    Marshall – You and I are frequent contributors to Writer’s Digest. Good luck with your bballbookblog.
    Here’s a related question – What NBA team did Chapman retire in?

    • Thanks for the support. I havent had a chance to really get started on my blog. He actually retired from the Pheonix Suns in 2000. Rex is one of the most beloved Wildcats to ever come through Lexington. I have a picture with him at a UK basketball camp when I was a child.

      • josephjerome says:

        I still remember his famous buzzer-beating three-pointer against the Sonics. That was when the Suns were relevant.

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